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You Need To Protect Your Valuables

We Simplify the Process

Purchasing adequate insurance can be complicated. You will enjoy working with the agents at Robert A. Dicks, Jr., Inc. We’re knowledgeable experts who make the process simple and easy.

Are You Covered?

- Homeowner insurance

- Renter insurance

- Flood and fire damage coverage

- Possession coverage

- We cover apartments, condos, and


Are You A Renter?

Renters need to protect their valuables, too. Don't rely on your landlord if something happens. That could easily backfire. Ensure you have the coverage you need with one of our plans.

Why Choose Us?




You can schedule weekday, evening, or weekend meetings.

Real Value

Contact us today for a FREE quote and affordable rates.

Flexible payment plans are available for many policies.

We have more than 32 years' experience in providing insurance.

Whether you own a home or rent an apartment, it’s important to protect your family and your belongings. Work with the knowledgeable insurance agents at Robert A. Dicks, Jr., Inc. and you’ll have affordable coverage and peace of mind.

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